About BFT

Hello, hello! Welcome to Books, Flicks & Treats!
As you have probably already guessed, my blog is dedicated to books, movies and everything related to food –> Three of my favorite things!

I am a bookworm, I always was and I always will be! It’s rare to see me without a book and I love to talk about my favorite books and recommend them. A lot of people suggested that I should start a book blog. Well, I guess I finally listened!  For me, reading is the best way to escape, to live a thousand lives without leaving a room. I mostly read fiction and like to explore different genres even tough I have a big soft spot for love stories! (Do not worry, romance haters, I also read thrillers!)

I love going to the movies (often  by myself which freaks a lot of my friends… Don’t ask why, I’ve never got it!) or watching them on my computer and I can’t wait to share my favorites with you!

I am a foodie! I love to eat, I love to cook, I love to bake, I love to discover new cuisine, new restaurants, bakeries and I am going stop here because the list could be LONG! My grandma was the best cook ever and my mom is a close second so I was raised in a family where good food runs in our blood. I also come from the country where baguette, stinky but amazing cheeses and good wine were invented so I guess, good food comes with the territory, it’s in my roots! I recently moved to Toronto and can’t wait to explore the food scene here and to share with you my favorite addresses and treats! I will also share some of my favorite recipes!






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