Hidden Figures

hidden-figures-posterI first heard of those amazing NASA women in an episode of Timeless, an NBC TV show (that I really enjoy btw!). I remembered wanting to know more about them, even wondering why I had never heard of them before. The movie Hidden Figures gives us a glimpse at those women’s lives at a time when they were facing a lot of challenges like segregation, racism, discrimination or sexism.

Their story is just amazing. Watching how they fought for what was rightly theirs was inspiring and I spent the whole movie in awe with those three wonderful women. Learning how they paved the way for so many women was more than enlightening, it gave me hope that any obstacles can be overcome when you don’t give up. The way they were treated was infuriating and several times, I felt outraged by what was happening on the screen but they didn’t let it faze them. They fought for what they deserved showing us what a perfect example of determination and courage they were.

I highly recommend this uplifting movie. The acting was flawless, Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe played their parts perfectly. Some scenes made me laugh, some made my blood boil with indignation and as the film ended with pictures of the real Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson and more information about their lives, I felt contentment knowing that those amazing women had accomplished what they wanted to.

I might almost be twenty-eight but, leaving the theater, I couldn’t help thinking I wanted to be like one of those women when I grow up…

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